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Suhr® PT-100TM
Limited Edition
Limited to 50 Head & Cabinet Sets Worldwide
Suhr PT-100 Signature Limited Edition

Announcing the all new, completely redesigned Suhr PT-100 Signature Edition amplifier.

World renown guitarist Peter Thorn, is not only known for his touring and session work with legendary artists such as Chris Cornell and Melissa Etheridge, but he is also considered by the guitarist community to be one of the foremost authorities on tone.

Suhr PT-100 Signature Limited Edition

After five years of extensive road testing and countless hours spent modifying his original PT-100 amplifier, we have created the ultimate, no compromise, multi-channel amp - now MIDI switchable.

Hand-Wired SE-100 Limited Edition

Unmistakable in appearance and dressed to thrill, the PT-100 Signature Edition is draped in a modern black carbon fiber tolex, appointed with silver knobs and a sophisticated anodized face plate.

Hand-Wired SE-100 Limited Edition

The Suhr PT-100 Signature Edition set features a 100 watt, three-channel tube amplifier head loaded with a custom “Plexi-style” output transformer, four EL-34 power tubes and six 12AX7 preamp tubes, a solid-state series/parallel effects loop, 4-button MIDI programmable footswitch and matching Birch 2 x 12 closed-back cabinet fitted with a pair of Celestion Creamback 75 H speakers.

PT-100 Signature
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MSRP: $4,400.00