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Pro Series Guitars

Our Pro Series guitars represent our most popular custom configurations. These instruments feature custom appointments such as: roasted maple neck, nitrocellulose finish, stainless steel frets, and suhr locking tuners... all without the custom wait time. Each Pro Series guitar is manufactured alongside our custom guitars at our facility in Lake Elsinore, CA using the finest materials, latest technology, skilled master craftsmen, and stringent quality control.

Classic Pro TM
When our customers asked for an instrument with all the tone and playability of our Classic Antique, without the antiquing - we listened.
Modern SatinTM
The Natural
Guitar aficionados around the world covet American made guitars for their excellent construction, great styling, and use of high quality components. Our Modern Satin guitars are manufactured alongside our custom guitars at our facility in Lake Elsinore, CA.
Classic Antique TM
Classic Looks. Modern Performance.
Our customers asked for an instrument that had a vintage look and feel, but did not sacrifice playability and tone. Enter the Classic Antique™. We designed this guitar to ensure it preserved the spirit of a vintage instrument while performing like a Suhr.
Classic T Antique TM
Timeless Tone, Unrivaled Playability
In the spirit of the original, the Classic T Antique™ was developed to meet the demands of players who asked for an instrument that preserves classic tone and design, while improving on the limitations of vintage instruments.
Modern Pro TM
The New classic
This guitar offers the style and function for the contempary sound and feel offered at the same high standards of our other lines.
Standard Pro TM
Inspired by Design
Whether on stage or hanging on the wall, the Standard Pro is designed to inspire.
Modern Frost TM
It's Okay to Stare...
Since the 1950's, California car culture has heavily influenced guitar finishes. The Frost series is our take on the current "Matte finish" trend.