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Jim Kelley Amplifiers™ Power Attenuator

Jim Kelley AmplifiersTM
Power Attenuator
The Jim Kelley Amplifiers™ Power Attenuator is the ultimate master volume control. Ideal for the guitarist looking to tame their amplifier for a variety of sessions and gigs. An infinitely variable device, the Power Attenuator allows you to control the output stage of a cranked tube amplifier to achieve your ideal tone at any volume.

Built for the road, the Power Attenuator has the unique ability to operate with a variety of amplifiers up to 100 watts @ 4 and 8 ohm loads. Designed for transparency and versatility, the Power Attenuator employs two rheostats and a Treble Boost Switch to preserve the natural characteristics of your tone.
Connecting The Power Attenuator To Your Amplifier
  1. Turn your amplifier Off or to Standby.
  2. Connect a 1⁄4” speaker patch cord (not instrument) to connect the speaker output jack on your amplifier to the jack marked AMP on the back of the power attenuator.
  3. Connect the speaker cable (not instrument) from the speaker cabinet to the 1⁄4” jack marked SPEAKER on the back of the attenuator.
  4. Connect the included 4-pin mating plug, or optional Power Attenuator Activation Footswitch cable to the Footswitch XLR jack on the front panel of the attenuator.
  5. Turn amplifier On or Off Standby
  6. Play
To get started, we recommend setting the attenuator’s control to 7. At this setting you will notice a -4dB reduction in volume.
front panel
POWER ATTENUATOR KNOB - Varies the amount of power attenuation applied to your amplifier’s speaker output. Use this control to dial in the desired amount of output level that best suits your playing environment.
Attenuator Settings:
10 = 0 dB
9 = -1 dB
8 = -2 dB
7 = -4 dB
5 = -6 dB
3 = -12 dB
2 = -16 dB
0 = dB

Treble Boost Switch
When listening to music at lower volumes, it’s natural for a signal’s high-end and low-end to become less prominent. This three position switch works as a loudness compensation to restore top-end dynamics to your guitar’s signal when playing at lower volumes/higher attenuation settings.

0 dB
+3 dB @ 10kHz @ 8.25dB attenuation
+6 dB @ 10kHz @ 8.25dB attenuation
Activation FOOTswitch
Activates the Power Attenuator via the Jim Kelley Amplifiers™ Power Attenuator Activation Footswitch (optional)

IMPORTANT: To operate the Power Attenuator, the attenuator must have one of the following plugged into the Footswitch input: a 4-Pin Mating Plug (included) or the optional Power Activation Footswitch.
Back Panel

Use this jack to connect your amplifier’s speaker output to the attenuator.

Use this jack to connect your speaker cabinet from the attenuator.

Ext. Speaker
Use this jack to connect an additional speaker cabinet.
NOTE: Both Speaker and Ext. Speaker jacks are wired in parallel.

​Line Out
Provides a line level signal (D.I.) derived from the attenuator speaker jack. This output is useful for sending your amp's attenuated signal to a PA or recording console.

IMPORTANT: The Jim Kelley Amplifiers™ Power Attenuator is not a load box/dummy load. Always make sure that your amplifier is connected to a speaker to avoid damage to your amplifier.

Maximum Input Power Handling: 100 Watts at 4Ω/8Ω
Treble Boost Switch: (Three Position) 0dB, +3dB and +6dB

Line Out:

  • Source Impedance 200 ohms
  • Voltage Attenuation Ratio: 10:1

FRONT PANEL: Power Attenuator Control, Treble Boost Switch, Footswitch Jack

BACK PANEL: Amp, Speaker, Ext. Speaker and Line Out Jacks

Dimensions: 6” wide, 4” high, 7” deep
Weight: 8 lbs.

Included Accessories: 4-Pin Mating Plug, Custom Embroidered Carrying Case
Optional: Jim Kelley Power Attenuator Activation Footswitch

The Activation Footswitch turns a single-channel amp into a versatile two channel amplifier with just the click of a switch. Housed in a heavy duty aluminum chassis, and hardwired with a custom 10’ XLR cable the switch offers players the ability to select between two distinct tones, attenuated (overdriven) and unattenuated (clean).
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Jim Kelley Amplifiers™ Power Attenuator User Guide

$599.00 MSRP