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Maple Tone Wood - Suhr Guitars

Maple ​
Maple is sourced mostly from the Northern United States and Canada and is commonly used to make both necks and tops. It can have highly decorative figuring that produces "quilted", "flamed", “spalted”, “birdseye”, “curly” and “burled” patterns. Maple has a classic tone, strong in the midrange with a sweet spanky high end. Maple tops extend the frequency range of a body wood with more brilliant highs and deeper lows. ​
Roasted Maple necks are cut from Maple wood blanks that are "baked" in high-tech ovens. This process removes moisture and all kinds of other organic "impurities" that affect the stability of the wood and make it much more rigid while adding a deep and warm amber color for a natural vintage look. The sound is tight and punchy while still retaining the natural warmth of Maple in the midrange. Roasted Maple is highly recommended for touring musicians who value neck stability while traveling. ​

Flame Maple

Burl Maple

Spalted Flame Maple

Quilted Maple

Popular Combinations
Quilt Maple Top, Mahogany Body, Pau Ferro Fingerboard, Mahogany Neck
Flame Maple Top, Basswood Body, Indian Rosewood Fingerboard, Maple Neck
Swamp Ash Body, 1 Piece Maple Neck