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OD-100 SE Plus
Built to Rock, the OD-100 SE Plus (Special Edition) was designed at a time when Rock and Metal were emerging and players were seeking flexibility and alternatives to traditional amplifier designs. The SE+ delivers a variety of classic and modern tonalities to suit today’s aggressive and drop-tuning playing styles. Offering everything from punchy Blackface™ era cleans, to well defined high-gain and Metal style overdrive tones.
OD-100 Classic Plus
The OD-100 Classic Plus (CL+) captures the era of arena rock and the days when 100-watt amplifiers lined stages across the world. The OD-100 CL+ was built on solid fundamentals, combining the best characteristics of both classic American and British amplifier designs. This versatile, all in one amplifier is simple yet powerful offering you everything from punchy Blackface™era cleans to rich English style overdrive. Whether you are recording, performing or playing at home, the OD-100 CL+ will take you back to a time when music spoke to you.
Custom Audio Amplifiers Tolex Option - Purple
Scott Henderson OD-100 with Custom Mods