Careers At Suhr

J.S. Technologies, aka Suhr Custom, was founded under the belief that tone and playability should always be at the forefront of design. Today Suhr is actively crafting and developing products to make this possible with the ultimate goal of enabling the finest musical experience imaginable.

We are always looking for passionate team members who are eager to grow their skills and experience with Suhr.

WOODWORKER (Woodshop, Body & Neck Sanding)

Woodworking is our biggest department, ranging from our woodshop, where necks and bodies are cut with CNC machines, all the way to machine and hand-sanding bodies before going onto the paint and finishing process.

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FINISHING (Paint Preparation, Paint & Buffing)

Finishing is the final phase before a Suhr Guitar is ready for final assembly. This stage is one where good vision and a skillful touch is most important. Grain-filling, sanding during the paint process, painting and buffing, make up this large and incredibly important department the skill and eye of our team.

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