Suhr MiniMix II



The Suhr MiniMix II is a professional grade audio signal line mixer that essentially converts the serial effects loop of your amp into an extremely transparent parallel effects loop. Utilizing only the highest grade audio components, the MiniMix II features better than 0.004% total harmonic distortion and noise floor along with an extremely flat frequency response covering 20Hz to 20 KHz.

The MiniMix II assures that your tone is not degraded by the ADA converter in your processor. Now you can play with the peace of mind, that the pure guitar-amp signal that you’ve worked so hard to attain, is not compromised by suspicious circuits in various effects units.

Feature Overview

The MiniMix II can receive signals from two separate processors in parallel, and features a control jack that allows you to remotely mute the dry or wet signal, and an isolated transformer to eliminate ground loops. The MiniMix II accepts both high-impedance instrument level signal or low-impedance line level signal and is powered by a 9Vdc power supply.

Parallel Effects Loop

The MiniMix II converts a standard series effects loop into a transparent parallel effects loop. An important note is that your effects must be capable of running 100% wet in order to be compatible with a parallel effects loop.


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