Introducing the all-new Suhr 2-Post Tremolo Bridge, meticulously crafted by John Suhr. John’s goal was to design a bridge that excelled in both tone and tuning performance with zero compromises, high-quality construction, precision engineering, and smooth functionality. 

The new Suhr 2-Post bridge is available with finely machined steel-block saddles or bent saddles, and comes in 3 different finishes, chrome, black and gold.

Here are some key details about the new Suhr 2-Post bridge:

Deep-Drilled Steel Tremolo Block with Cut-Away: Crafted for tuning stability and sonic excellence, the Suhr steel tremolo block delivers exceptional resonance and sustain with an added cut-away at the rear for additional clearance. 

Precision Machined Steel Block Saddles: Each string is securely cradled for optimal tone transfer and stability, ensuring every note has clarity and definition. Each saddle is individually adjustable for string height and intonation, allowing players to fine-tune their instrument’s setup for optimal playability and tone.

Adjustable Tremolo Arm Insert: Considerable effort was invested to ensure smooth performance with zero slop, ensuring absolute control. The adjustable nylon tremolo arm insert enables you to achieve the ideal tension for your arm.

Locking Studs: Enhancing vibration transfer and sustain, while providing rock-solid tuning stability even under the most demanding playing conditions. 

High-Quality Materials: Constructed from top-grade materials such as stainless steel, and finely machined steel saddles, the Suhr 2-Post bridge is built to withstand the rigors of night after night use on stage, in the studio or in your bedroom.

Overall, the Suhr 2-Post bridge is a versatile and reliable choice for guitarists seeking the highest-quality tremolo bridge that delivers smooth operation, precise tuning stability, and outstanding tone.

Experience the difference with the Suhr 2-Post Bridge – where innovation meets performance and tone.

The new Suhr 2-Post bridges are immediately available when ordering your new Suhr custom. Over the coming year you will see the new Suhr 2-Post bridge on pre-configured models, limited editions, as well as artist models. 

The new Suhr bridge will also be available for purchase on our web store a la carte in the coming months. If you have a Suhr Custom on order, or are planning on making an order soon, please reach out to your dealer for more details and possible options for your new Suhr custom.