Let’s start by saying, nothing is changing. Well, other than the engraving. Why?

We source woods and hardware from all over the world. Though we have been building our guitars the same way for the past 25 years, we are making this change to keep up-to-date with U.S. guidelines. These regulations prohibit the use of “Made In U.S.A.” when using a certain percentage of materials not originating from the United States.

Rest assured, Suhr will remain the leader in craftsmanship and tone, only with an updated headstock engraving. We are incredibly proud of our talented family of craftsmen and women. We are also incredibly proud of our home, where we’ve built our guitars, amplifiers, pedals, and pickups for the last 25 years.

Starting this year, you will begin to see Suhr instruments with the new, ‘Lake Elsinore, California’ engraving. Thank you for your support and understanding.

-Suhr – Lake Elsinore, California.