Suhr Discovery Analog Delay
Suhr Discovery Analog Delay




The Shiba Mini has inherited all of the Classic Hi-Gain DNA of it’s larger sibling, only now it’s harnessed in a smaller more compact pedal board friendly design. Shiba Drive™ is a smooth sounding overdrive pedal that provides players with a wide variety of fat rhythm and warm lead tones. Shiba Drive is very popular among players seeking an overdrive pedal that can be used in conjunction with both their amplifier’s clean and overdrive channels.

Our engineers fine-tuned the gain staging to focus on saturation and upper harmonics, which resulted in improved midrange articulation and more sustain, allowing your notes to sing without sacrificing low-end definition.

Discovery Label Stripe

Smooth Amp-Like Performance

Designed to work equally well with single coil and humbucking instruments, the Shiba Reloaded responds dynamically to every nuance of your playing, just like the overdrive channel of a tube amplifier. With a simple twist of your volume knob, you can easily morph from pushed clean to full-on Classic Rock style tones.

Discovery Delay Front Panel

2-Position Voicing Switch

This switch contains 2 positions. Left activates pronounced high-end roll off. Excellent for chunky rhythms and violin-like lead tones. The right position retains all the presence of the Shiba without any high-end roll off.

Discovery Delay tone shaping, hi-cut and low-cut.

Your Pedalboard Just Got Bigger

Today, pedal board real estate comes at a premium especially when traveling. And let’s face it, sometimes having to choose which pedals to leave off of your board can really limit your versatility. Small but mighty and heavily equipped with Drive, Tone and Level Controls, a 2-Position Smooth (Hi-Cut) switch, True Bypass, an On/Off Effect Status Indicator can be powered via any 9Vdc center negative power supply and housed in a road-worthy powder coated die-cast enclosure for years of reliable performance.


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