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It is with great pleasure that we announce the Suhr Aura™ 20th Anniversary Single Cut Guitar. This is a special year for us here at Suhr® as we get ready to celebrate our 20th anniversary. A special year deserves a special guitar. Allow us to introduce you to Aura™.

Single cut, set neck guitars are near and dear to our hearts. John Suhr says, “I grew up playing this type of guitar. It’s been a dream of mine to make the perfect version for me; one that eliminates the niggles that always personally bugged me.”

What is the 20th Anniversary Suhr Aura™?

Limited to 100 instruments worldwide.

We wanted to do something really special to celebrate our 20th anniversary. For a period of one year after release, the Aura™ will be limited to 100 instruments worldwide.

John Suhr will be involved with every guitar.

John is looking forward to directly overseeing the build process for each 20th Anniversary Aura™ guitar. John will also be getting hands-on with every guitar.

John will be personally leveling the fingerboards and doing the fretwork (from installation to crowning) on all 100 20th Anniversary Aura™ guitars.

John will also be directly involved in the guitar’s setup and final inspection.

What features will the 20th Anniversary Aura™ have?

While we aren’t ready to talk details just yet, there are some things we can share with you. These are things that were especially important to John as he approached the design process.

  • A deep-dish carve top.
  • 24.625″ scale length.
  • Frets that lay over the binding.
  • A headstock that promotes strength and tuning stability.
  • Ergonomic body contours.
  • Easy upper fret access.
  • A lightweight body that isn’t chambered or weight relieved.

When can I get it?

We anticipate building the 20th Anniversary Aura™ beginning in Summer 2018. Our schedule is to build 100 of these limited edition instruments over a period of 12 months.

How can I learn more?

This is all we are prepared to talk about as of right now but don’t worry! We will have more information coming your way soon. Information on pricing, detailed specifications, and how to place an order will be released over time.

To make sure you stay in the know, subscribe to our social media channels. We will also continue to post articles on this blog when we have more information to share.

The 20th Anniversary Aura™ is John Suhr’s vision of the ultimate short scale, single cut, set neck design. We know that you have great ideas too, and our initial concept of the Aura™ is only scratching the surface. Let us know in the comments below what your Aura™ would be!