There’s no doubt we are living through unprecedented times during the current public health crisis. We hope you and your families are safe. We understand that many dealers are not open during the pandemic and may not be able to ship orders. We want to support our dealers and customers during this time, and do what we can to help keep you making music.

If a local dealer within the continental United States is closed or does not have the product you’re looking for in stock, the dealer can now authorize Suhr to ship the product directly to your home at no additional charge, provided we have the inventory on hand.

Participating is easy. Simply speak with your favorite authorized Suhr dealer about the option of Factory Direct Shipping. They will be able to answer your questions and let you know the estimated delivery date of the order. We intend to offer this service for as long as we can, or until the public health crisis is over.

To all of you, we hope you stay safe, healthy and keep making music that inspires and touches others.